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Wonderland Jail is a prison in Wonderland and the setting of Alice is Dead 2.

In series[]

When The Rabbit wakes up at the beginning of the game, his cell is right next to the Mad Hatter's cell. Lewis is his dead cellmate, who at some point early on, swallowed the key to the Rabbit's cell. In order to get in Lewis's body to get the key, the Rabbit finds the magical nut (oddly enough, in his toilet) and whispers his darkest secret into it so that he shrinks to a small enough size to go in his body. After having no luck getting the key, he finds his cell door already unlocked, and looks around the jail to find that the Mad Hatter has slain all of the guards. He finds photo evidence suggesting that he did kill Alice, though that is later proven to be a ruse. At some point, the dispatcher arrived at Wonderland Jail and saw the dead guards, which was how he was able to report all the events to The Queen before he is killed by the Rabbit.


  • If the Rabbit looks out through a small hole, he can see barren wasteland outside, and eventually, the Cheshire Cat will appear to him and flash the words OYSTERCLOUD
  • The Rabbit can use the computer at the jail to look up all sorts of interesting facts, such as why Lewis and the Mad Hatter are even in Wonderland Jail.
  • The files on The Rabbit and Alice are restricted.