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The Underground Laboratory is a location in Alice is Dead 3 and notably the final location of the series. It is also one of the most important settings as it is where many plot points are revealed.

In the series[]

Before Alice is Dead[]

When The Queen hired Dr. Burr to assist him with Project Oystercloud, he provided him with the underground laboratory to conduct his experiments. It was located right under the nightclub (also presumably owned by the Queen), which was another common location where the Queen and his mercenaries met. He carefully concealed the entrance so as not to risk discovery: he placed a secret door in the bathroom, which was covered by a toilet, which could only be revealed by winning the slot machine. That could only be done by first getting access to it by making a certain phone call, then rigging the odds to be 1 to 1. Dr. Burr experimented on cats to go to the Above and back, but to no avail. The one that did finally make it was touched by his daughter, which fused the two into the Cheshire Cat. After refusing to work on the project any further, The Queen kills him, which the Rabbit possibly witnessed.

Alice is Dead 3[]

After a long process, the Rabbit eventually finds the entrance to the laboratory and enters it. He finds the long deceased bodies of the cats Dr. Burr experimented on, and even the body of Dr. Burr himself. The Rabbit then gets a mysterious text message from an unknown person telling him that not only did she turn off the elevator up to the Queen, but she also wants him to find three tapes, one of which can possibly be found within the lab. After finding all three, the Rabbit watches the three tapes on the TV that covers Dr. Burr's body and learns the nature of his experiments. After getting a weapon from Mary Ann, the Rabbit returns to find the Cheshire Cat reactivated the elevator, but warns him not to go up there, although he does anyway.

Dr. Burr long after his death (The Rabbit's pretty sure he didn't do this one)