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These are minor villains who appear as bouncers for The Queen's nightclub. Tweedledum (or Tweedle Dumb, according to his nametag) is a hulking grey creature with his skullcap removed. He appears to be controlled by Tweedledee using two red knobs that protrude from his head.

Role in the series

Alice is Dead 3

After being dealt with
There are two ways that The Rabbit can take out Tweedledee and Tweedledum:
  • Buy a mushroom from Rulio, and then put it in their drink to poison them. If you used the penny to get into the hideout, you will receive the Brain medal on Newgrounds.
  • Use the metal pipe nearby and kill them with it. If you used a Brick to get into the hideout, you will receive the Brawn medal on Newgrounds.
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