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"She could mean the Hatter...or the doctor...or the Queen. I work for a lot of hims."

-An entry in the Rabbit's journal revealing the Queen's true gender.

The Queen of Hearts was a powerful crime lord and the main antagonist of the Alice is Dead series. He was the one who wanted The Rabbit dead.

Role in series[]

Before Alice is Dead[]

The Queen was a powerful crime lord with many mercenaries, including The Rabbit and Alice, under his control. He hired Dr. Burr to conduct the Oystercloud project, which would allow them to take resources from The Above and advance civilization. The Queen soon decided to turn Alice and The Rabbit against each other, and once Dr. Burr refuses to work on Oystercloud anymore, The Queen kills him.

Alice is Dead 2[]

In a newspaper somewhere in Wonderland Jail, the Queen is quoted on the Mad Hatter, saying "she" would do everything in her power to get the Hatter all the help he needs to become normal again, giving the impression that "she" is a powerful authority figure.

Alice ends the Queen life.

Alice is Dead 3[]

The Queen discusses the situation of The Rabbit with a dispatcher, who is then killed by the Rabbit. The Rabbit goes after the Queen in the nightclub, and almost succeeds, until the Queen shoots The Rabbit. Afterwards, The Queen gets in his vehicle. Inside the vehicle, Alice - who survived - is waiting inside with a loaded weapon. She kills the Queen at this point.


The Rabbit[]

this is the character you play as

Like many of his mercenaries, he clearly cared more for his own personal profit than for the well being of the Rabbit. He had even instructed Alice to kill him, as revealed in Alice Is Dead episode 3. He and the Rabbit were in a mental race to kill Alice (The Rabbit only did so that Alice wouldn't suffer at the hands of the Queen). The next time they meet results in the Rabbit's death. The reason that he had for wanting the Rabbit dead is unknown, though it is possible it was because of something the Rabbit saw (during the conversation between the Queen and the dispatcher in Alice is Dead episode 3, after the dispatcher reports that the rabbit lost his memory during his fight with Alice, the Queen replies that the problem is solved.)


For reasons that are never stated, he tries to have Alice killed along with The Rabbit (this may just be a method of disposal for his hired hands). He assumes from then on that she is dead until at the end of the series, she reappears to him, alive and well, and kills him.

Mary Ann[]

The two are never seen together, but like a lot of the characters, Mary Ann wants payback at the Queen for what he has done.

Mad Hatter[]

The Mad Hatter was sort of like a right hand man to the Queen for a time, since he was put in direct charge of the missions. They seemed to be on good terms for a time, but at some point before the events of Alice is Dead 2, the Mad Hatter turned against the Queen, and was placed in Wonderland Jail for it.

Dr. Burr[]

The mad scientist was nothing more than a temporary pawn for The Queen, and when he refused to continue the experiments, The Queen killed him.


The Queen does not see the dispatcher as a friend or an enemy; simply as someone who works for him.


There are some theories about The Queen, none of which have been officially confirmed.

Is The Queen's Real Name Frank?[]

It has been suggested that The Queen's real name is Frank because of a message written in the bathroom in the nightclub during Alice is Dead 3 that says "Be careful, Frank has a gun." The only thing supporting that theory is that The Queen was the only one with a gun at the time.

The Assassin of Ashbane[]

There is a separate theory that either Alice or Mary Ann is the assassin of Ashbane that appears in Kingdom of Liars. If either one of them really is the assassin, then the Queen is most likely the one who hired her to make an attempt on the life of Sir Brandt. However, no motive is presently clear.