The above.jpg
the skies of the Above seen from the Rabbit's point of view

The Above is how the real world is referred to in Wonderland. It is also where Alice comes from.

Alice is Dead

When The Rabbit wakes up in the hole, if he looks up, he can see the skies of The Above.

Also, in Alice is Dead 2, at the end, the Rabbit activates the Oystercloud machine, which causes it to rain fish. The fish came from oceans in The Above.


The whole purpose of the Oystercloud project was to transport things from The Above into Wonderland, and Dr. Burr was hired by The Queen to do just that. He experimented with cats to see if they could go to The Above and back. It took a long time and plenty of cats, but one of them finally did make it there and back...only to be fused with Dr. Burr's daughter, becoming the Cheshire Cat.

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