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The three tapes

In Alice is Dead 3 you will be required to find three tapes. After finding them, the Rabbit goes back to the lab to watch them using the television on Dr. Burr's head. They provide insight as to what happened there.

lab 004[]

The first tape can be found either in the laboratory, the nightclub kitchen, on the washroom floor, or right next to the glass belonging to Tweedledee and Tweedledum. It shows Dr. Burr's face as he reports his findings for test #3 of Project Oystercloud. Test subject #7 proved to be unstable and destroyed several monitors before dying.

lab 006[]

The second tape is always found in the dumpster outside the nightclub. It reveals that one of the cats, #11, survived the ordeal, but was touched by Dr. Burr's daughter during the final stages, causing her (or them) to become the Cheshire Cat, whose face flashes briefly across the screen near the end.


The third tape is always in the possession of Rulio, which he willingly gives to you. Unlike the others, it is just a toothpaste ad followed by the intro to a show called Crayon Time! The word "daddy" appears at the very beginning, which demonstrates the Cheshire Cat's power over electronic devices.