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the town of Shadetale, a prominent location in the Hood series

Shadetale is the setting of the first game in the Hood series and secondary setting in the third game.

Known Residents[]

Role in series[]

Before Hood[]

In the town of Shadetale, there lives the village Elder, Lady Marian, Ettlethorne and his woodcutter father, CourSid the Alchemist, Elem the Weathermage, and most prominently, Cameron and her father. Cameron's mother died while she was very young, which opened the door up for Marian, who while she was interested in Cameron's father's money, he had no interest in her due to her greedy ways. Because of how persistant Marian was, both Cameron and her father resented her. Shortly before her disappearance, Cameron went to pick berries with Ettlethorne, who seems to be in love with her, as well as very protective. Many of the townfolk seem to have seen her going into the forest and congressing with demons, especially Marian. When she disappears, they decide to call in a Hunter, which both Cameron's father and Ettlethorne were against.

Hood Episode 1[]

The Wolf arrives in Shadetale and soon learns all of that by talking to everyone. While many think Cameron is a witch, Ettlethorne insists that she is not. He is unable to talk to Elem due to his drunken state, so after finding the proper ingredients, he has CourSid cook up a potion that makes Elem sober. He recalls Cameron heading into the forest, and shortly before leaving town, the Wolf carves a pumpkin and lights it to make a jack-o-lantern which seems to be a protective ward against demons.

Hood Episode 3[]

After killing a group of Shades that ambushed him in the forest outside town, the Wolf follows their scent back to the witch who summoned them...Lady Marian. The Wolf beheads her to make an example for the other witches, and slowly learns that the other townsfolk had their suspicions about Marian. Despite the real witch being killed, however, many of them refused to continue searching for Cameron, with the exception of Ettlethorne.