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"I am the Rabbit...and someone in Wonderland wants me dead."

-The Rabbit after realizing who he is

The Rabbit is the main protagonist of the Alice is Dead series, and is the character that you play as. He had a hard life, having to deal with his amnessia, and his job as a mercenary.

The Rabbit


Before Alice is Dead

Before the main events in Alice is Dead, The Rabbit was a mercenary for The Queen. He had grown attached to fellow mercenaries and crooks Alice and Mary Ann. There was a mad scientist named Dr. Burr who worked in a secret laboratory in the underground of the nightclub that the Rabbit went to. Once, Alice was gone for a long amount of time, doing an unknown job. The Rabbit was then ordered to kill Alice, though at first he did not want to, he was told by the Mad Hatter that if he didn't, the Queen would slowly kill her, dragging it out to make it more painful. the Rabbit went out to find Alice, and tried to kill her, but she pushed him off into a hole during the fight.

The Rabbit during an opening sequence

Alice is Dead

The Rabbit wakes up inside of a hole, completely forgetting who he is. He goes and tries to find a way out. After traveling down into a chest, and killing the caterpillar, he opens up his briefcase with the combination that he found from the walls of the hole. He then starts to remember who he was when he looks into the mirror.

Alice is Dead 2

The Rabbit is then hit behind the head by a guard, and loses most of his memories again, but this time remembering who he is. He meets the Hatter, who is in the cell next to him, and the Hatter explains that they are in Wonderland Jail. after going into his cell mate to find the swallowed key, the Hatter escapes from his cell with the help of Mary Ann. Once the Rabbit gets out from his own sell, he finds the evidence from within the case, and activates the Oystercloud machine.

Alice is Dead 3

The Rabbit then finds his old hideout in the city, and reads his journal to remember what happened to him. He then goes into the nightclub so that he could kill the Queen himself. After finding out how to get into the secret laboratory, he gets a message from an unknown person, then after collecting and watching the three tapes that she set you out to find, fixes the elevator shaft for you to go up in, though warns him that she doesn't want him to "end up like daddy". Once he reaches the top of the elevator, he looks out and sees Alice, still alive, and in that moment he is shot in the head by the Queen, who was hiding.

Alice is Dead 4

While Alice is Dead 4 has officially been confirmed by Hyptosis, it is currently unknown what role, if any, the Rabbit will have in this game.

The Rabbit is alive? Maybe.



He seems to consider Alice a very good friend, even questioning himself when he was ordered to kill her. She became more and more distant over time, and the two eventually got into a fight. While the Rabbit was reluctant in hurting Alice, she actually planned on killing him. She placed her mirror in his briefcase to remind the Rabbit of who he is.

Mad Hatter

He is not exactly a friend of the Rabbit, but he is not an enemy either. However, things became a little sour between them when the Rabbit was ordered to kill Alice, and he refused to tell him anything about Alice's disappearance. When the two meet again later in Wonderland Jail, he seems to be friendlier with him, though ultimately, when it comes time to face The Queen, he chickens out and leaves it to The Rabbit.

Cheshire Cat

When she was the human daughter of Dr. Burr, The Rabbit was a good friend of hers, and she liked him. After she became the Cheshire Cat, she was able to travel through electrictronic devices and aid the Rabbit, and ultimately reveal to him the truth behind Project Oystercloud.

Mary Ann

Like Alice, the Rabbit seems to genuinely care for Mary Ann, and she cares for him, assisting him various times in the 3rd game.

The Queen

It is never really said whether The Rabbit and The Queen got along at some point, but after remembering who he was, The Rabbit, like many other characters, sees The Queen as an enemy. He is prepared to kill The Queen, but becomes distracted when he sees Alice alive, and is killed by The Queen.


There are theories about some aspects of the Rabbit, none of which are officially confirmed

Is the Rabbit's real name Peaches?

This is very unlikely, but still remains a possibility, judging by the fact that due to the Rabbit's memory problems, Rulio probably knows him better than he knows himself.

Did the Rabbit know he was going to die?

Some people think the Rabbit knew his death was at hand. This is actually the most probably theory in the entire series, judging by the line "It's an elevator can be going up...yet I can be going down."

Other appearances

Hyptosis, one of the creators of the series, is also the creator of another flash series entitled Hood. In the Elder's house, a statue of the Rabbit appears next to the bookcase. There is also a portrait of the starting point from Alice is Dead 3 above the fireplace. If AiD occurs in the same universe as Hood, then it is possible that he may be some sort of guardian to the town of Shadestale.

This is further supported by another cameo of him posthumously. In Kingdom of Liars Episode 3, there is a hidden shrine of the Rabbit with the words "I love you" written on the photo of him. It is implied someone in Ashbane is deeply obsessed with the Rabbit.

A statue of the rabbit, referred to as a "guardian rabbit"