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Oystercloud machine outside Wonderland Jail

Project Oystercloud was a project put together by The Queen, with the help of Dr. Burr, to make contact with The Above, purpose being to advance their own technologies.

Role in series[]

Before Alice is Dead[]

The Queen hired Dr. Burr to conduct experiments to make contact with the Above. Dr. Burr used cats as test subjects, which Alice provided for him. Many of the test subjects did not survive the experiments, and Dr. Burr became worried that he would run out of time, suspecting the Queen did not plan to keep him around for long. One day, however, one of the cats finally did make it to the Above and back, making the experiment a success. However, his daughter found her way into his lab and touched it, and began to fuse with it, becoming the Cheshire Cat. Dr. Burr refused to work on the project any further after this, and was murdered by the Queen.

Alice is Dead 2[]

If the Rabbit looks out the hole in Wonderland Jail, the Cheshire Cat will flash the words OYSTERCLOUD in front of the screen, and the Rabbit can look it up on the computer at the jail to learn about it. Also, just outside the jail, there is an Oystercloud machine. When the Rabbit activates it, fish will begin falling from the that came from the oceans of the Above.

Alice is Dead 3[]

The Queen sends a text to all the Wonderland Jail guards saying "Disregard any falling fish. The Rabbit has activated Oystercloud". The Rabbit will be able to see Dr. Burr's side of the project from the video tapes the Cheshire Cat has him find.