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The Barsinger (possibly Mary Ann)

The nightclub is a location in Alice is Dead 3.

Role in series[]

Before Alice is Dead[]

Like the hideout, the nightclub was used by The Rabbit and other mercenaries for their own reasons. The nightclub is presumably owned by The Queen, and is also the cover for Dr. Burr's underground laboratory .

Alice is Dead 3[]

The Rabbit first approaches the nightclub when encountering Tweedledee and Tweedledum as the bouncers. Whether by poisoning them or hitting them, the Rabbit gets past them while activating the metal detector with the bell. On stage is the barsinger, who may actually be Mary Ann, sings the song "Alice is Dead," written especially for the series by Haina Lee. The Rabbit eventually finds a secret entrance to the underground laboratory in one of the bathroom stalls.