Metal demon 2

The metal Demon

"Metal Demon" is the name referring to the prison ship in the forest just outside Shadetale, and an important aspect of the Hood series.

Before HoodEdit

The Metal Demon was a prison ship used to transport dangerous prisoners between worlds. The Ancients had been on a mission to use it to transport the Archdemon, but were attacked by unknown assailants. The last one to die was the only one who retained any memories of what happened and who the Ancients really are. As time passed, the Metal Demon lay in the swamp, with the Archdemon still imprisoned. It had the power to influence the minds of others, making them believed it was a long lost loved one. It used this power to make Cameron believe it was her grandmother who had died long ago, so she went aboard the Metal Demon and released the Archdemon, who took her to Gorsus, the Spirit World.

Hood Episode 1Edit

It is mentioned by the Demon the Wolf first encounters, which he eventually sees for himself.

Hood Episode 2Edit

While the Wolf can board the Metal Demon, he cannot fully activate it without three Power Cells (one with the Spirit Imp, one in the swamp, and one with the Elder Shade). Once he activates it completely, the ship's Interface turns on, filling the Wolf in on everything Cameron had done on board (it may or may not have forgotten just who had been using the ship). The Wolf is ambushed by Shades summoned by Windlethorpe just as he leaves.

Metal Demon

Other appearancesEdit

In Kingdom of Liars Episode 3, a miniature version of the Metal Demon is seen at a museum in Ashbane where Jahti is.