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Mary Ann is a character in Alice is Dead 3. She was a mercenary alongside the Rabbit and Alice.

Role in series[]

Before Alice is Dead[]

Mary Ann, along with the Rabbit and Alice, was a mercenary working for the Mad Hatter and The Queen. She breaks out of Wonderland Jail. She is then demoted by the Hatter, who has taken direct control of the missions.

Alice is Dead 2[]

While she does not physically appear and is not mentioned at all, it is revealed later on that she was the one who helped the Hatter, and subsequently the Rabbit, escape from jail.

Alice is Dead 3[]

Mary Ann is first mentioned when the Rabbit is reading his journal when he returns to the hideout. He then listens to his answering machine, and has messages from both Mary Ann and the Hatter. She apparently has the guise of a cleaning company. She sends a text to the Rabbit when he enters the nightclub saying that she is glad he is ok and tells him to find and kill The Queen. She also provides him with a gun, though the Rabbit finds it odd she was able to get it past the metal detector.


The Rabbit[]

She seems to genuinely care about the Rabbit, moreso than the others, made evident by her text messages throughout the game.

Mad Hatter[]

Their relationship seems to be on a more professional level. It is not quite clear how they were as far as friendship.

The Queen[]

She clearly did not like the Queen, and like many other characters, wanted him dead.


There are some theories about certain aspects of Mary Ann, though none have been officially confirmed.

Is Mary Ann the Barsinger?[]

Some think Mary Ann was the barsinger at the nightclub. They both have the same ears, and it would certainly explain how she knew the Rabbit was at the nightclub, and how she was able to get a gun past the metal detectors.

The Assassin of Ashbane[]

It is possible that the assassin from Kingdom of Liars is Mary Ann. Though the assassin is never fully identified, she bears resemblance to both Mary Ann and Alice, as well as the fact that they both have the same profession. 

Gun Under the Sink[]

When Mary Ann's number is called, an answering machine for a fake cleaning company is played. Upon entering the bathroom in the club, Rabbit comments on how it smells like bleach. It is possible that Mary Ann, under the guise of a cleaner, had the easiest access to the club bathroom to place the gun under the sink.

Book Reference[]

In the classic novel, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Alice is mistaken by the White Rabbit for his house keeper, Mary Ann. He believes they look alike. This could be construed as a connection between the two ladies and fuels the theory that Mary Ann planted the evidence for Alice or to make it look like Alice and then killed the Queen.