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"Well if it isn't the Rabbit come to see his old pal the Hatter."

-The Mad Hatter, after meeting the Rabbit in Wonderland Jail.

The Mad Hatter is one of the few friends, or the closest thing to it, that the Rabbit has. He is very strange and always seems to be in good humour. Despite this, he is very dangerous and prone to extremely violent outbursts, once killing a waitress and three bystanders with a plastic sandwich sword at a restaurant because his order was accidentally dropped.

The Rabbit generally trusts the Hatter, but seems uneasy about talking to him after the events in Wonderland Jail.

Role in the series[]

Before Alice is Dead[]

The Mad Hatter was originally, like Alice and The Rabbit, a mercenary doing dirty jobs, but soon, he is put in direct charge of the missions, and demotes Mary Ann. He says nothing when Alice does not come back from one of her missions, and eventually orders The Rabbit to kill Alice. The Rabbit refuses at first, but acquiesces when the Hatter tells him that if he does not do it, The Queen will, and will take his time doing it.

Alice is Dead 2[]

At some point between then and now, the Hatter has turned against the Queen, and is put in jail for it. Later, The Rabbit ends up in the cell next to him, and the Hatter gives him advice on how to escape. This involves using a magical nut to shrink small enough to get inside Lewis and retrieve the key. The plan turns out to be a diversion, however, which the Hatter uses to escape his cell and slaughter the guards who were busy looking for the Rabbit. Once the nut's effect wears off, the Rabbit's cell is unlocked and cryptic messages are written in various places. The Hatter is nowhere to be found.

Alice is Dead 3[]

The Hatter left a message on the Rabbit's answering machine, informing him that The Queen is back in town, and that he should "pay him a visit". He later sends a text to the Rabbit telling him to give his "regards" to the Queen while he flees town.

Other appearances[]

Mad Hatter's hat and the Rabbit's bell

Although the Hatter does not physically appear in Hood, his hat with the card wedged in it is visible within Boyen's shack, next to the bell once carried by the Rabbit.