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Lewis is a minor character in the series, as well as deceased. He is a strange creature that's similar to a lamia, having thorny shoulder protrusions and a giant tentacle instead of legs. He may or may not be based off Lewis Carroll, the original author of Alice in Wonderland.

He appears to have suffered from some form of pica, compulsively eating certain objects. According to the prison computer, he was arrested for stealing and eating something from the Wonderland Scientific Research Department. This may have been the cause of his demise, and/or his unusual appearance.

For unknown reasons, he had a clothes button with him upon his death.

Role in series[]

Alice is Dead 2[]

He is The Rabbit's dead cellmate, who seems to have swallowed the key to their cell. The Rabbit uses a magical nut to get inside Lewis's body in order to get the key, but due to a short time limit and a tangled stomach worm, The Rabbit has no success.