Lady Marian Windlethorpe

Lady Marian as she appears in the town pub

Lady Marian Windlethorpe, or simply Marian, is one of the residents of Shadetale and one of the main antagonists of the Hood series. Cameron has a deep hatred against Marian.

Role in seriesEdit

Before HoodEdit

It was no big secret that Marian sought after Cameron's father, mostly for his money, but he thought of her as a "harpie", and was angry with her for suggesting the townsfolk bring in a Hunter to find Cameron after she goes missing. Both Cameron and her father both wanted Marian to be punished for her actions.

Hood Episode 1Edit

She first appears to the Wolf in the pub, and refers to him as the "peasant class". She claimed that she saw Cameron congressing with demons with her own eyes. She also appears to have a great influence on the townsfolk, as it seems she was the one who convinced the Elder to bring in a Hunter.

Hood Episode 3Edit

After the Wolf succesfully defeated a horde of Shades that ambushed him outside the Metal Demon, he followed their scent back to the witch who had sent them after him...which is revealed to be Lady Marian herself. As by custom, the Wolf beheads her.