Hyptosis ashbane


At the start of this episode the Unnamed Protagonist finds himself in being stuck in a hole, which is very similair to the beginning of Alice is Dead (game) episode 1. He fell down this hole together with the thief he was chasing at the time.

After escaping the hole he returns to the Hernessian Guard headquaters where he reports to Captain Whelek. The Captain tells him a relic has been discovered and it's the Hernessians Guards job to bring it safely to the museum where it can be examined. He also tell the Unnamed Protagonist that the Steel Fist Templars also want to escort the Relic to the museum and that Warren has a furious argument with it's captain the very moment. To prevent the discussion from escalating the young hero rushes over to Warren to bring both parties a ease.

Later, after securing a yak from Tommy Wilcock (by threatening to tell Whelek what Wilcock really thinks of him), the protagonist escorts the relic to the museum, where he once again encounters Shribryn and her old friend Jahti. Shribryn tells the protagonist of a mysterious area near the south of Ashbane where he explores. He finds a diary next to a bloody dagger written by the Blackheart Spirits, revealing they are aware of (and possibly planned) the events at Shadetale with the Archdemon. They write that The Wolf bringing Cameron to Ashbane will bring about ruin.


  • Though common in Lorestrome games, the Children of Brinn make an appearance in this series, and they are often at odds with the Hernessian Guard.
  • The Wolf's true name is revealed to be Baldewin.
  • This episode reveals the series to take place after the events of the Hood (series).
  • If the protagonist finds 20 coins, he can buy the Bell Key off the goblin merchant. It unlocks a shrine of the Rabbit, showing someone in Ashbane is deeply obsessed with him.