Kingdom of Liars is the first episode in the flash series of the same name. It was created by Hyptosis.


After an opening quote from Serrus Falter, an unnamed protagonist and his sister Amiel are on a train when they are locked in their room. After escaping, they find everyone aboard had been killed and the train on its way to a collision. The hero pulls the emergency break and the two siblings get off to arrive in their new home. This is where it is revealed that the hero is part of the Elk Guard and that they are protectors of Ashbane, which is also nicknamed "City of Rats" due to its high crime. After getting debriefed by Captain Whelek, the hero investigates a tavern that was burned down, where he finds a strange tablet and a coin that is used as currency outside Ashbane. After consulting the city's alchemist, the hero learns that there is an old warehouse where similar artifacts could be ordered. The warehouse is booby trapped and everyone outside is dead, but the hero makes his way in to find a Fithling Scientist hiding inside. He was hired by someone to design the weapons used to kill everyone on the train, and asked for protection since his employer was now trying to remove any and all evidence and witnesses, which meant the hero arrested the Fithling Scientist. After the hero and Warren interrogate him long enough, the Fithling Scientist reveals who the intented target was...Sir Brandt, a nobleman who is campaigning for a spot on the council.