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The Journal was given to The Rabbit by Alice to help him with his memory problems, with proves to be very useful. The beginning of the journal describes Mary Ann busting out of Wonderland Jail and then being demoted by the Mad Hatter. More various entries comment on the mad scientist Dr. Burr, such as how Alice collects cats for him and how he would not want to be the doctor's bodyguard. He also has a few notes about eating tuna, and on one of those nights, he got sick from it. A very important entry is when Alice begins to ignore the Rabbit because he works for "him", meaning either the Mad Hatter, Dr. Burr, or The Queen (at this point, it is revealed that the Queen is a male).

The Caterpillar comes in one day to play cards with the Rabbit and the Mad Hatter, but cheats and takes his money away with him, with the Rabbit commenting, "He'll get what's coming...". Things take a turn for the worse when Alice goes out on a mission but does not return, and no one will tell the Rabbit anything about it. A few days later, the Rabbit catches Dr. Burr's daughter in the VIP section. After he yells at her, she cries which makes him feel terrible. He apologizes the next day and plays cards with her for a while. The two become friends at this point. The Rabbit starts to question himself saying, "I'm a gun for hire, but no one could afford me to do that. Never." It is revealed on the next page that the Mad Hatter ordered the Rabbit to kill Alice, and that if he didn't do it, the Queen would, and he would make Alice suffer. Not wanting Alice to suffer at the hands of the Queen, the Rabbit takes the job, promising it will be his last one. Before leaving, he writes that he had seen vivid disturbing visions, which may have been caused by Alice's mirror, which he had found earlier.


June 11th

Mary Ann got busted. She took this before she escaped. Nice.

June 12th

Hatter demoted Mary Ann. He's taking direct control of the missions now. He said there's too much risk for us to be making mistakes.

I'm glad she made it out of there okay... I'm not sure I could handle prison.

June 13th

Today I was approached by the Hatter. Said he had some work for me. I'm not sure if I want to take it or not. Job sounds risky. But what job isn't risky these days? All I know is if I get paid, I'm happy. Strange noises downstairs.

June 14th

The job went well. I am glad Alice was there. She's good with a gun, but damn can she use a knife. I'm not sure why the scientist needs so many test subjects. Oh well, I kill things, who am I to judge...

June 15th

Hatter bought us this interesting ink. You can't see it unless you have a special lens. Could come in handy I guess. Or maybe not. I guess it seems kind of stupid now that I think about it.

June 16th

Hatter has been on edge lately. I think The Queen is starting to stress him out. I told him it was going to be more trouble than it's worth. But what do I know, I'm just an assassin... Ate some tuna today, I think it made me sick.

June 17th

I took out the "trash" today. I wish I didn't look inside. I don't know what The Queen's scientist there is doing, but it is killing a lot of cats. I'm just glad Alice has that job.

June 18th

Nothing much happened today. Hatter beat me in cards again. I think he cheated, but I didn't say anything because I was cheating too. Still strange noises coming from that lab downstairs. Not my business, though.

June 19th

Alice seems more and more distant. I tried talking to her but she told me I worked for him. I don't know if she meant the Hatter, the Scientist, or the Queen...I work for a lot of "hims"...

June 20th

Memory is acting up again. Alice's idea to keep this journal is paying off. At least I can keep the major facts straight. Forgot to eat lunch again, going to have some tuna tonight.

June 21st

I told the Hatter that there's something wrong with that scientist, Burr. Hatter just laughed. The Hatter always laughs. I wonder if Alice thinks the scientist is strange. I'd hate to have to be his bodyguard.

June 22nd

A caterpillar played cards with us today. I caught him cheating but he denied it. He took his money off the table and just stormed out. I bet that stupid monacle [sic] was fake. He'll get what's coming...

June 23rd

Lost some money in the kitchen. I'm starting to think that machine is rigged. I should talk to that egghead Burr and see if he has any gizmos that would improve my odds. He'd probably just give me a dead cat.

June 24th

I met the doc's kid. She's really nice. It's weird seeing nice people around the club. I don't know if I ever have, now that I think about it. Alice is alright but she kills people too. Seems like everyone is killing something around here.

June 25th

Alice still hasn't returned. I asked Hatter if I could look for her but he said no. I hope nothing has happened to her, she's the closest thing I've ever had to a friend. Burr's kid is still wandering around everywhere.

June 26th

Little runt snuck in to the VIP room today. I yelled at her, she cried. I feel terrible. I wish that crazy bastard could just pay attention to his kid. I forget what her name is, or if she even told me. Alice still missing...

June 27th

I told the kid I was sorry today. I asked her if she wanted to play cards. She lost, but I think she had fun. Also, she doesn't cheat. I'm worried about Alice. This isn't like her. Hatter won't talk about it.

June 28th

Let the kid win at cards today. She seemed really happy. I don't know how she stays so happy surrounded by all of us. Maybe she's as crazy as her father downstairs. Power went out again.

June 29th

Took me three hours to get my briefcase open. 829 203 so I'm writing it here. I need to see a doctor about this, but the only doctor around is out of his mind. His yelling is starting to keep me awake. Hatter said we had to talk about Alice.

June 30th

This is insane. I'm not going to do it. I'm going to quit. They've asked me to do a lot of things, and I've done them, but I'm not doing this. I'm a gun for hire, but no one could afford me to do THAT. Never.

July 1st

Hatter said if I didn't kill Alice, the Queen would. He said the Queen would take his time. I don't want her to suffer... I don't know what to do...

I found Alice's mirror. She thought she lost it. I'll have to give it-

July 2nd

I think I'm losing my mind. I saw things that I have never seen before. Vivid, disturbing things. And then in an instant, they were gone. Perhaps it is stress...oh well, it will all be over soon. Just this last job.