The Wolf draws his blade and kills the Shades that attacked him. He tracked down the witch, her being the Lady Marian Windlethorpe. As is tradition, the Wolf beheads her. The villagers are pretty surprised about Windlethorpe being a witch, so they begin to lose concern for Cameron now that her father is dead (save for Ettlethorne, who wants to go look for her before the Wolf says he will do it himself). Afterwards, the Wolf goes again inside the forest. There, he finds a Fithling Scientist living inside a small home in a cliff, who informs him of a way of getting a magic tracking tool. The Wolf makes one using a polished round stone and an enchanted drill. Using it, he gets to a mysterious cave. While traversing the cave, an ominous and presumably hostile creature begins to haunt the Wolf, along with the remains of another bizarre creature, from whom he grabs a flute. After crossing the door, he finds a place where he digs a coin and a strange device. He uses the device to close the circuit of the portal, and after entering it, he finds himself in Gorsus, stating he was not prepared for what he saw.


  • Get the shovel from the home of the Fithling Scientist.
  • Get the round,polished stone from one of the trees that you'll find following the path from the fithlin house
  • Match the runes of the circle at the giant tree (Down-down-across in ring 1, circle-circle in ring 2, dot-dot-dot in ring 3.
  • Grab the enchanted drill.
  • Go to the Ancients statues
  • Put the round stone onto the stone held by a plant at the corner of the statues emplacement.
  • Use the drill on the stone.
  • Grab the magic-detecting stone.
  • Using the magic stone at the place you found the stone which you used to make it, you'll find a direction arrow. Click it,and you'll get to the cave.
  • Get into the cave.
  • Match the door's green tubes' fluid with the amount that appears in the drawing at the cave's wall. It looks like some rectangles of different sizes.
  • Open the door and get through it.
  • Dig the soil of the place after the tunnel.
  • Use the device on the portals' mechanism.
  • Cross the portal.
  • Enjoy the final scene of the game.