Hood Episode 2 is the second game in the Hood series. It is the sequel to the first Hood game.


While using a protective ward, the Wolf finds both the "Metal Demon", where Cameron had been, and the body of her father and his journal nearby, revealing he had plans to punish Marian properly after finding his daughter. He then enters the shack of Boyen the Shaman, who informs the Wolf that both Cameron and her father had visited them, where it is made clear that Cameron was looking for someone. The Wolf activates the "Metal Demon" by finding three missing from a spirit imp, one in the lake outside Boyen's shack, and one in the possession of the Elder Shade, who accuses the Wolf of being a murderer. He also reveals that it was not a demon who killed Cameron's father (since he had an elixir from CourSid protecting him), but another human. After activating the "Metal Demon", the ship's interface reveals that a prisoner had been held on the ship for a long time, and that Cameron came on board releasing her, calling her "Grandmother", and that she erased her tracks. After leaving the "Metal Demon", the Wolf is ambushed by Shades with knives who seem unfrightened by his protective ward, so he prepares to do it the hard way.


  • Go to the right to find the body of Cameron's father, and read his journal
  • Go further right to the spirit imp, who will beg for "candy"
  • Go back and left to just the outside of Boyen's shack
  • Grab the apple from the tree and cut it open with the knife to find teeth
  • Go inside and talk to Boyen
  • Go back to the spirit imp and give him the teeth, in exchange for the first mechanical part
  • Go inside the "Metal Demon" all the way, and approach a protected door
  • There are 5 symbols on the door...from left to right, hit the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 4th in that order, then press the green button when it is in between the two arrows
  • Place the first part in any of the three ports and go back outside
  • Go to the lake outside Boyen's shack and find the second part
  • Place the second part in any port then go back outside
  • Talk to the Elder Shade
  • Give the Elder Shade your hammer in exchange for the final part
  • Put the final part in place and talk to the computer interface
  • After talking to it, leave the "Metal Demon"