Hood Episode 1 is the first game in the Hood series created by Hyptosis. It introduces several characters and lays out the basic plot of the series.


The Wolf arrives in the town of Shadetale after being summoned as a Hunter from Fenwall. The town believes there is a witch amongst them, whom they have nicknamed Red. When the Wolf arrives, he gathers testimonies and journal entries from several of the townsfolk. Red, whose real name is Cameron, ran off one night after being seen congressing with demons, one of which she referred to as the wise one. They believe her red hood was given to her by a demon, but it was really given to her by her grandmother. Her father went out to look for her, and after making Elem sober, is led into the forest and summons the demon Cameron was talking to. He points the Wolf to the other demon she would go to, which he finds is a huge metal ship.


  • You can explore the town a bit and read journal entries for background, but the first bit of progress is made after talking to both CourSid and Elem
  • Go to the cottage and talk to Ettlethorne
  • Grab the pumpkin from outside his cottage
  • Go to Cameron's house and under the painting, grab the candle
  • Go upstairs to Cameron's room and get the Hammer from her drawer
  • Go back into CourSid's shop and open the chest on the side to get the knife
  • Go into the pub and talk to Marian
  • Go into the Elder's house and, if he's there, talk to him
  • Go back to CourSid's shop and notice that Elem is not there anymore
  • Talk to CourSid to learn of ingredients to make Elem sober
  • Go back to the pub and grab a tonic from behind the counter
  • Go back to Etthethorne's cottage and find the Sparrow's Egg by the bush
  • Go to Cameron's house and get the Black Mushroom from the bush outside her house
  • Go inside Cameron's room and get the Dead Bug from under her bed
  • Give the four ingredients to CourSid and he'll make the potion
  • Give the potion to Elem and he'll clear the fog
  • Before going into the forest, combine the knife and the pumpkin, then the pumpkin with the candle to make a jack-o-lantern
  • Use the hammer to nail the two nails into place, then enjoy the final scene of the game