Fithling scientist

The Fithling Scientist

The Fithling Scientist is a character in the Hood series that debuts in Episode 3. He lives in a small house in the swamp, which he says he found empty, and that likely it belonged to (textually) "one of those... wrapped beings with the Schyzophrenia". He appears interested in researching Shades. He said he defends from Them by using complex science. He says that he finds amusing how Shades are afraid of a powerwrench, a torch or a fireblade. When the Wolf asks about how to find them, he gives him a riddle he picked up from one of the Shades, which leads him to a drill that helps find them.

In Kingdom of Liars first episode a Fithling scientist appears. It may or may not be the same one, as far as known, because both games (Hood and KoL) take place in the same universe. Fithlings die without their helmets, as revealed in Kingdom of Liars.