Ettlethorne in his cottage

Ettlethorne is a dear friend of Cameron and one of the few who does not believe she is a witch.

Role in seriesEdit

Before HoodEdit

Ettlethorne is the son of a woodcutter (whom had apparently been taken by demons a while ago), and frequently hangs out with Cameron. One example of such is when he goes with her to pick berries, and it is heavily implied he is in love with her. When Cameron goes missing, her father asks if he has seen her, which sadly he did not. He and her father were the few who were against bringing in a Hunter to find Cameron.

Hood Episode 1Edit

When the Wolf first approaches Ettlethorne, he makes it obvious that he is against the Wolf being there. In his mind, the Wolf is only there to find and kill Cameron. He is one of the only townsfolk to refer to her by her real name, instead of just "the witch", or "the red hooded girl". He full-heartedly believes that while there is a witch somewhere in Shadetale, Cameron is not that witch.

Hood Episode 3Edit

His suspicions of someone else being a witch were proven true when the Wolf beheads Lady Marian Windlethorpe upon the revelation of her being a witch. When the Wolf decided to go into the swamp to look for Cameron further, Ettlethorne insisted he go with the Wolf, only for the Wolf to state he was going alone.


  • While in Gorsus, the Wolf sees a woodcutter's axe while traveling. It is possible that this belongs to Ettlethorne's father and that he is residing somewhere in the Spirit World.