Elem the weathermage

The Weathermage

Elem the Weathermage is a character that appears in the Hood series and is a resident of Shadetale.

Role in seriesEdit

Before HoodEdit

Not much is known about his life before the series, except that he frequently gets drunk and hangs around with CourSid the Alchemist often.

Hood Episode 1Edit

He first appears in the town drunk, but surprisingly has the most useful information. The Wolf cannot speak to him while he's drunk, so he asks CourSid the Alchemist for help. After bringing him the right ingredients, CourSid makes a potion that makes Elem sober again. Elem then says he was the last one to see Cameron leaving for the forest.

Hood Episode 3Edit

Upon the Wolf's return into Shadetale, Elem is drunk once again, this time with no useful information for the Wolf. However, if the Wolf goes into town with the Hole in the Smooth Stone, there will be some sort of symbol above Elem, possibly indicating his mage status.