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The computer is a tool that can be used at Wonderland Jail during Alice is Dead 2. Its input is the only text-based gameplay mechanic in the series. It contains various information files; some being major plot points, while others are just there for comedy. The only mandatory use of the computer is to unlock the safe which holds the photo evidence. Nothing is case sensitive.


By typing "lookup" followed by a character/person name, some information may pop up:

Height: 5 Feet 8 Inches
Weight 149 lbs
Lewis was arrested for stealing from the Wonderland Scientific Research
Department. Evidence was eaten.
Status: Awaiting Trial
Mad Hatter.
Height: 4 Feet 7 Inches
Weight 119 lbs
Mad Hatter was arrested for countless murders and assaults. We are still
gathering information on which crimes he is responsible for. The Hatter is
highly unstable and is to be watched at all times. Do not attempt to
communicate with him.
Status: Awaiting Execution
Arrested for numerous noise disturbances.
Artist and writer of Alice is Dead. Vegetarian. Wanted for art skills and hair
Programmer and writer of Alice is Dead. Arrested for violation of deadlines.
WARNING - Fugitive complains of hearing voices.


By typing "read log" and a number, the prison's eight most recent status updates can be read. None are dated, but they span from about the time of the Rabbit's capture to moments after the Hatter's escape.

  • Log 202 - Announcing Casual Friday...
As a reward for the two recent high profile captures, The Queen has announced
Casual Friday.
Wear whatever you want to work.
  • Log 203 - Plumbing problems again...
Some inmates are complaining about the toilets in Sector 3 and Sector 4. Again.
  • Log 204 - Lewis is eating...
Lewis got hold of the cell key...he ate it. We'll need to monitor the shitter to
make sure he doesn't try escaping.
or eating the key again. Can't we just kill him already?
  • Log 205 - Casual Friday Cancelled
Casual Friday Cancelled. You can thank Steve for wearing a dress.
  • Log 206 - URGENT... Rabbit...
URGENT... Rabbit has gone missing. Cell is still locked. Search in progress.
  • Log 207 - Hatter is out of...
Hatter is out of his cell, apprehend ASAP.
  • Log 208 - CRIMSON STATUS
  • Log 209 - Hello boys...
Hello boys. There's new management, sorry for any schedule conflicts,
inconvenience, and death this may have caused.
Hugs and kisses

Other CommandsEdit

  • Typing "help" will list the basic command options.
  • Typing in "unlock march" will open the evidence safe.
  • Just typing "unlock" will give the respons "Error, Password needed. Type Unlock Password."
  • Actually typing "Unlock Password" will give a snarky response.
  • Typing "oystercloud" reveals this message from Dr. Burr:
by Dr. R. Burr
Project OYSTERCLOUD was developed at the request of *******. The project
aims to merge our world with the ABOVE. The first OYSTERCLOUD test was on
June 13th, 1937 but it was a failure. We tried again July 2nd, 1937. The test
results remain inconclusive. My research continues to look promising but I worry
he may find me before I have time to finish it...