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The cell phone is an item that the Rabbit picks off the dispatcher shortly after killing him in the intro cutscene. It has a major purpose in Alice is Dead 3, although no calls actually need to be made to complete the game. Some numbers scribbled on the toilet stalls of the nightclub may be dialed to receive humerous responses.

Important Calls[]

  • 555-7238 for the answering machine of "Teapot Cleaners", a front for Mary Ann's true business. A reply will come later.
  • 555-8880 for the Mad Hatter's answering machine. A reply will come later.
  • 555-4513 for Jabberywocky Slots, to get access to the inner workings of the slot machine.

Optional Calls[]

  • Dialing 911 will put you through to emergency services, but no one is available because of the Mad Hatter's recent slaughter at Wonderland Jail.
  • 555-6293 for a Stranger, who is not a "her".
  • 555-7243 connects to Long Boris, who replies with a text revealing the ultimate truth about Alice.
  • 555-7321 for the answering machine of the March Hare's Bell Emporium, which includes a rant about people who carry bells around but never use them for anything (which is exactly what the Rabbit does through the entire series).

Texts Received[]

  • The Queen telling his guards to ignore falling fish and that the Rabbit activated Oystercloud.
  • The Mad Hatter telling you to give the Queen his "regards" if you see him.
  • Mary Ann telling you to find and kill the Queen.
  • Boris with the message "Alive slice".
  • The Cheshire Cat telling you to play her game and to find 3 tapes.
  • Mary Ann informing you she left you a present (a loaded weapon) in the nightclub.
  • The Cheshire Cat once more, telling you she fixed the elevator but warns not to go up so you won't "end up like daddy".