Cameron's father

Cameron's father murdered

Cameron's father was one of the wealthiest men of Shadetale and goes out alone to search for his daughter.

Role in seriesEdit

Before HoodEdit

Cameron's father lived with his daughter and wife, but the latter passed away early on in the former's life. After that time, he was being hit on by Lady Marian, presumably for his money. He begins to get concerned about his daughter frequently going into the forest, and is disturbed by the rumors of his daughter congressing with demons. When she goes missing, he asks Ettlethorne if he's seen her, but to no avail. When against his wishes the townsfolk decide to call in a Hunter, he leaves immediately, out of fear the Hunter may find and kill Cameron before he can find her.

Hood Episode 2Edit

He is found dead in the forest by the Wolf, but a journal entry reveals he had been to seen Boyen asking about his daughter shortly before he was murdered. It was thought at first that a demon killed him, but the Elder Shade claims it was another human.