Cameron, "Red Riding Hood", in the first episode's opening sequence.

Cameron is one of the primary characters in the Hood series. She was also known as Red Riding Hood, and is rumored to be a witch.

Role in seriesEdit

Hyptosis the-wood-witch

Before HoodEdit

Cameron lived with her father in the town of Shadetale. Her mother died while she was young. Later on in her life, she began exploring the woods and met demons, and was supposedly seen congressing with them. She noticed how Marian would try to go after her father's money, and hated her for it. She claimed in her journal that the other townsfolk were ignorant, whereas she could be herself within the forest. Eventually, she ran away from home, which is when it was decided, against her father's wishes, to call in a Hunter.

Hood Episode 1Edit

When the Wolf came into town to look for her, everyone seemed to believe she was a witch, with the exception of Ettlethorne, who was possibly in love with her. He reads various journals and listens to many testimonies, learning more about her.

Hood Episode 2Edit

According to the demon the Wolf first encounters, she went inside the "Metal Demon" to learn more information from it. She also made a stop by Boyen's shack. It was revealed that the "Metal Demon" was a prison ship, and knowing this, Cameron helped release a prisoner whom she addressed as "Grandmother".

Hood Episode 3Edit

The only trace of her in Episode 3 is a piece of her red cloak, which is along the path to the portal in the swamp. If the Wolf uses the Hole in the Smooth Stone, he can see a few Ancients surrounding the piece of cloak.

Hood Episode 4Edit

The Wolf eventually learns from residents of the Spirit World that the prisoner Cameron thought was her grandmother was actually a very powerful demon with the ability to influence the minds of anyone across different worlds, causing them to think it was a loved one. Under the archdemon's influence,
Hyptosis cameron
Cameron released it and followed it to Gorsus, thinking it was her grandmother. The archdemon plans to use Cameron to access the mortal realm to wreak havoc on it. The Wolf arrives just in time to face the archdemon, but because it still influences Cameron, she defends it from the Wolf. He knocks her out before slaying the archdemon for good, breaking the spell it had over Cameron's mind. She is last seen being helped up by the Wolf.

After HoodEdit

As discovered by the Unnamed Protagonist, Cameron and the Wolf (aka Baldewin) are currently in Ashbane. The Blackheart Spirits say that Cameron will bring about ruin, suggesting she may in fact be a witch after all.

Kingdom Of Liars: Stonepath

Baldewin and Cameron team up with others in order to hunt down the released fiends. They travel to the ruins of Ardan and Stonepath to kill some fiends.