Boyen the shaman

Boyen in his shack

Boyen the Shaman is a character that appears in the Hood series.

Role in seriesEdit

Before HoodEdit

Not much is known about Boyen before the main events, but due to his similar appearance to CourSid the Alchemist, it was thought the two were related somehow.

Hood Episode 2Edit

Boyen appears in his shack deep within the forest that Cameron ran away to. When asked by the Wolf, he says that she approached him in regards to the "Metal Demon". He also says that her father came by his shack as well, looking for her, and believes that a more vicious type of demons killed him. He frequently has trouble with the spirit imp that seems to want "candy".

Hood Episode 3Edit

Boyen does not appear in Episode 3, but is mentioned by CourSid when saying they've done trading together, eliminating the idea that the two are relatives.