• Alice is Dead 1
  • Alice is Dead 2
  • Alice is Dead 3

The Bell is an item that appears in all 3 Alice is Dead games. It has no practical function.

Role in seriesEdit

Alice is DeadEdit

The Rabbit will find the bell after killing the caterpillar, but has no use for it.

Alice is Dead 2Edit

The Bell is the one item not taken from the Rabbit when he is in Wonderland Jail. It is concealed within the bed.

Alice is Dead 3Edit

Although the bell is not actually used for anything, it becomes more significant. If the March Hare is called, he whines about how people carry around bells but don't actually use them, referring to what the player does throughout the entire series. Also, when the Rabbit sees a metal detector at the nightclub entrance, he gets rid of the metal pipe, not realizing the bell also activiates it, likely alarming The Queen and thus causing the Rabbit's death.


One theory is that the bell represents the rabbit's coming death. Just like the poem "For Whom The Bell Tolls". It may also reference Edgar Allen Poe's "The Bells".

Other AppearencesEdit

The bell has also been seen in The tower in the game rise and the game hood along with the Mad Hatter's card hat.