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Baldewin, aka The Wolf, is the main protagonist of the Hood series. Much of his origin remains unknown.  It is known however that he is a Hunter, someone who hunts and kills witches and shades. Fenrirr apparently make exceptional hunters because of their ability to track by scent.

In the Kingdom of Liars series it becomes clear that his actual name is Baldewin and he is the older brother of Warren.

Role in series[]

Before Hood[]

He is a Hunter from Fenwall, which doesn't seem to have much of a good reputation. He also has a younger brother named Warren, who is a hunter like himself. He also had three older siblings that are now deceased, most likely KIA. Though the two are never seen together, it is implied by Merappi that the Wolf deeply cares for his brother. This is most implied by when their training master challenged them both frequently to climb up a mountain and back down, the first to make it getting a good night's sleep, the second would get lashings. The Wolf would always let Warren win, sacrificing his own well-being and taking the lashings for him to protect his brother.

The Wolf in Episode 1's opening sequence

Hood Episode 1[]

The Wolf is brought into the town of Shadetale to hunt Cameron, who many believe to be a witch. The Wolf has trouble getting useful information at first, but learns just enough to understand the situation. After exploring a bit, he gets CourSid the Alchemist to help him get Elem the Weathermage sober, since he was the last one to see Cameron. After getting him sober, Elem tells the Wolf that Cameron went into the woods. Bringing a protective ward (a lighted Jack-O-Lantern), he encounters a demon who saw Cameron. He also tells the Wolf that Cameron may have made a pact with another demon and that the girl's father also passed through.

Hood Episode 2[]

The Wolf approaches the "Metal Demon", later revealed to be a prison ship, where Cameron would go to learn much information. Along his travels, he finds the murdered body of Cameron's father, and after talking with Boyen the Shaman, presumes the demons did it while he was looking for his daughter. For more answers, the Wolf collects the missing power cells for the "Metal Demon" from a spirit imp, who wants "candy", the bottom of the lake, and from the Elder Shade, who not only refers to the Wolf as a murderer, but also claims that it was not a demon who murdered Cameron's father, but another human. After activating the "Metal Demon", the prison ship's interface turns on and informs the Wolf about Cameron's recent actions...she studied a lot of information while on the ship, and also wants her tracks hidden. She seemed to help release a prisoner she called "Grandmother". After leaving the ship, he becomes surrounded by Shades with knives, so he prepares for a fight.

Hood Episode 3[]

After succesfully defeating the Shades, the Wolf follows their scent back to Lady Marian Windlethorpe, who is revealed to be a witch. By custom, the Wolf beheads her. It becomes more evident that the other townsfolk had their suspicions about her, including the village elder. However, when it is revealed that Cameron still spoke the language of Them (not to CourSid's surprise), the Elder refuses to start a search for her, claiming they would only be looking for a dead body. Ettlethrone volunteers to go with the Wolf into the swamp, but states he will go alone. Upon entering the swamp, he learns about a drill that can be used to help track Shades down from the Fithling Scientist, but he only provides the Wolf with a riddle. After solving it, however, the Wolf gets the drill, uses it on the Smooth Stone, and creates a device to help him see otherworldly Shades. It also reveals a hidden path within the woods leading to a cave with a large metal door and a dead body who left another riddle behind, while being haunted by another creature leaving cryptic warnings in his head. Behind the metal door is a sacred ground where the Wolf finds something that he can use to open up a portal within the swamp. He enters the portal and states he had been unprepared for what he saw next.

Hood Episode 4[]

The portal leads to Gorsus, the Spirit World, where he is immediately stopped by a wall. After solving the puzzle, the Wolf encounters the Elder Shade a second time, this time only briefly, warning the Wolf that he

Hyptosis cameron.png

cannot leave the Spirit World. His next stop is by the Ancients, specifically the one who had been actually trying to help him in the cave. He tells the Wolf about the Archdemon, a prisoner that the Ancients had been transporting on the Metal Demon until they were attacked. The Archdemon has the ability to influence the minds of others across other worlds, making people believe it was a loved one...revealing that this was the prisoner Cameron thought was her grandmother. The Wolf continues traveling the Spirit World by helping the Wild Bard ease his soul, getting fire from the little fire spirit, and providing Simms with silver bullets (which he uses to kill himself, leaving behind his gun). He then encounters the demon from Shadetale, who seems to have gotten attached to Cameron, revealing the Archdemon plans to use Cameron to enter the mortal realm to destroy it. He wants it to do that so he can have Cameron to himself. The Wolf can either promise Cameron for him or kill him, either way prompting the demon to unlock the block puzzle required to move forward. The Wolf then encounters Merappi, who guards entities known as the Fiends. He warns the Wolf that the only way to stop the Archdemon is to free the Fiends, allowing them to wreak havoc in the mortal realm. The Wolf frees the Fiends and enters the next cell, witnessing the Archdemon talking to Cameron. He has to knock out Cameron because she still thinks the Archdemon is her grandmother. The Archdemon taunts the Wolf by telling him he has killed Hunters before him...but the Wolf simply kills the Archdemon, subsequently releasing Cameron from the Archdemon's influence and freeing the Ancients from Gorsus. The Wolf is last seen helping Cameron recover her senses.

After Hood Episode 4[]

The unnamed protagonist of Kingdom of Liars is told by his captain that Baldewin returned to Ashbane after killing the Archdemon. Warren, Baldewins little brother, seems to lose his temper even faster than normal since the return of the wolf.