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Welcome to the Alice is Dead WikiEdit

The unofficial guide to the newgrounds epic, Alice is Dead, as well as the flash series Hood and Kingdom of Liars. Alice would love for you to add to this wiki, no matter how little the change is.

Well it's also known as Alice In Wonderland 3.

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What is "Alice is Dead?"Edit

Alice is dead is an online escape game that is loosely based on the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, with a dark, haunting twist. It was put onto newgrounds by its creators (Hyptosis and ImpendingRiot), and has also come to Kongregate. It has two sequels, Alice is Dead 2, and Alice is Dead 3, along with another upcoming sequel to conclude the story (date TBD).


  • The RabbitGo to Rabbit
  • AliceGo to Alice
  • Dr. Raymond BurrGo to Dr. Raymond Burr
  • The QueenGo to The Queen
  • Mad HatterGo to Mad Hatter
  • Cheshire CatGo to Cheshire Cat


Basically, these are the people you can thank for bringing Alice is Dead to Newgrounds:

If there is anyone that is not on this list who should be, feel free to give them the proper credit they deserve.


Hood is a completely separate series from Alice is Dead (besides a few cameos), but because it was also created by Hyptosis, we felt it was important enough to be included on this wiki. Check out some of its cheesecake's latest series. For a thorough description of all Hyptosis creations you can also visit the Lorestrome.wikia

Kingdom of LiarsEdit

KoL is a totally different series from Alice is Dead, however it takes place in the same universe as Hood. Several familiar races can be seen as well as familiar locations being mentioned as from other games created by Hyptosis. Fenwall for instance is mentioned in three of Hyptosis' games, Hood, KoL, and Relic. Also Fithlings are present in all three games.

Notable PlacesEdit

There are many different places of importance in the series with overlapping story. Here are a few.

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