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Alice is Dead 2 is the second game in the Alice is Dead series. The entire game takes place at Wonderland Jail.


As soon as the Rabbit remembers who he is, he forgets all over again when is knocked out and taken to Wonderland Jail. He catches up with the Mad Hatter who helps him try to escape by using the magical nut to get inside the body of his dead cellmate Lewis. The Rabbit tries to get the key out, but is unsuccessful. Shortly before he grows back to normal size, Mary Ann helps the Hatter escape as he kills all the guards. The Rabbit looks around and finds photo evidence that suggests he did kill Alice, and he unwittingly activates the Oystercloud machine.

The Rabbit after activating Oystercloud


  • Get the sheets, the broken glass, and the bell from where you start
  • Observe the key that Lewis swallowed
  • Talk to the Hatter to learn how to get inside Lewis
  • Find the magical nut inside the toilet (you'll have to flush it first)
  • Combine the sheets with the glass and cut Lewis open
  • Use the nut to get inside
  • Kill the worm using the sheets and glass combo from before
  • Don't even bother trying to get the key, it won't budge, and the effects of the nut wears off first
  • The cell door is unlocked, and you are free to leave
  • Look at the note with letters written in red
  • Use the second letter of each word (spells out MARCH) as the password (type unlock march on the computer)
  • Grab the photo evidence
  • On the portrait of Dr. Burr, change the head to a rooster, his chest to a heart, and make sure the hands are flipping coins.
  • If you collected the button earlier, you will jam the machine if you use that on the Oystercloud machine. You can still turn it on no matter what/


  • Depending on how you talk to the Mad Hatter, he will leave one of two messages behind when he escapes.
  • If you're kind, he leaves the message "Kill them with kindness, Rabbit!!". However, if you're rude towards him, it says "You put me in a bad mood". Regardless of which you choose, he kills all guards present. There's a total of nine options, so it's impossible to have an even amount as all nine are needed to advance the story. Should you choose to alternate, the majority wins.
  • If you look out the small hole at the jail for a while, the Cheshire Cat will appear and flash the word OYSTERCLOUD on screen. Type this into the computer to learn more about it.
  • Type Logs into the computer to see random bits of info. Type read, then the name of the log, to read the log. For example, typing "read Log 202" shows log 202.
  • Typing lookup with a character's name may get you some intersting info. Looking up the Mad Hatter and Lewis will explain to you why they are in jail. Looking up the Rabbit and Alice will result in the word "Restricted" to appear on the screen. Typing in the creators' names will make info appear.
  • The computer at some point will say "type unlock password", meaning to type unlock, then the password, which is MARCH. If you type in "unlock password", the computer will respond with "No, don't type password, type THE password".