Alice is dead Wiki

The door in the hole

Alice is Dead is the first game in the Alice is Dead series. It starts out in the Hole with Alice's corpse.


The player wakes up not knowing who he is, just that Alice is Dead. He finds his way around through Wonderland Forest and eventually finds a briefcase in a tree. After unlocking it, he looks at the mirror inside and remembers who he is...he is The Rabbit, and someone in Wonderland wants him dead.


  • Grab the bone off of Alice's body, as well as the bottle nearby.
  • Get the note on Alice that says "Kill the Rabbit"
  • Collect the card in the trunk nearby
  • Collect the stick and stone by the chest
  • Combine the stone and bone to make a small pick
  • Use that pick on the small door near Alice
  • Enter the chest to Wonderland Forest
  • Get the acid by using the bottle
  • When you see the Caterpillar, use the stick on the honey nearby
  • Break through the web with the acid, and it will leave a glass shard behind for you to combine with the honey stick
  • Use your new spear to kill the caterpillar
  • Get the bell, the monacle, and key off the caterpillar
  • Use the monacle in the hole to see secret messages which include the code for the briefcase
  • Use the keycard to open the door on the tree, and then the key
  • Enter the code into the briefcase


It's really not much of a secret, but if you look up while you're in the hole, you can see the skies of The Above where Alice came from.