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Alice is the heroine of the Alice is Dead series. She worked with The Rabbit and the Mad Hatter as mercenaries.

Role in the series[]


Alice fights the Rabbit.

Alice came from what residents of Wonderland call The Above. At some point, she became a mercenary, and a friend of The Rabbit. She collects cats for Dr. Burr so that he can experiment on them for the Oystercloud project. Alice soon begins to give the Rabbit the cold shoulder because he works for "him", meaning the Hatter or the Queen. One day, she is sent on a mission but does not return. After asking about her, The Rabbit is soon ordered to kill her. He refuses until the Hatter tells him that if he doesn't do it, the Queen will, and he will take his time doing so. When Alice and The Rabbit finally confront each other, the result is a violent struggle, which kills Alice and knocks The Rabbit unconscious.

Alice is Dead[]

When The Rabbit wakes up, he finds Alice's corpse with a bottle that contains a note that says "Kill the Rabbit". He also finds a monacle that reveals secret messages on the wall, seemingly written by Alice before she died.

Alice's "corpse"

Alice is Dead 2[]

On the computer database at Wonderland Jail, files on both Alice and The Rabbit are restricted. Also, The Rabbit finds photo evidence of his fight with Alice, suggesting that he did indeed kill her.

Alice is Dead 3[]

In the intro of the game, during the call between the dispatcher and the Queen, it is revealed that the Queen told Alice to Kill the Rabbit.

Alice herself makes an appearance after the credits, disguised as the Queen's chauffeur. It is revealed in a series of flashbacks that she faked her own death by dressing up a dead body in a wig and blue dress. She kills The Queen in the very last scene.

Alice's true appearance


There are several theories for different aspects of Alice, none of which are officially confirmed.

Why She Was Targeted[]

One theory is that she was a double agent working with the police, since she began to question things occuring around her, including giving The Rabbit the cold shoulder. Another theory was that The Queen just had no further use for her, and like many of his assassins, he turns them against each other, killing two birds with one stone. Alice also could be investigating the project, and The Queen decided kill her with the Rabbit because of her implication on it.

Who Alice's Corpse Really Was[]

The only possible theory thus far is that Alice killed a guard that was to check on her after the struggle, then put him in her signature dress. It could also be just a skeleton abandoned there, and Alice used it to fake her own death. If that's true it also points out that Alice had already thought about what to do, attracting the rabbit to the exact place where she had already planned everything.

The Assassin of Ashbane[]

It is possible that Alice is the assassin that appears in Ashbane in Kingdom of Liars. This is mostly based on the fact that, like Mary Ann, Alice and the assassin have very similar appearances, as well as the fact that they have the same profession. Another interesting thing to note that may shed light on this theory is that Alice's dress appears as an item in Courboyn the Merchant's shop.


The Rabbit[]

She seemed to have been good friends with the Rabbit, but soon began giving him the cold shoulder because he worked for "him" (either Mad Hatter or The Queen). While the Rabbit did not want to harm Alice (even though letting her live would mean the Queen would make her suffer), she was actually hired to kill him. It's remarkable though how even when the rabbit was unconscious after trying to kill her, Alice left him alive. At the end of Alice is Dead 3, when the Queen kills The Rabbit, Alice waits outside to finally kill the queen.

Mad Hatter[]

While she does not explicity hate him, it is clear she does not trust the Mad Hatter, else she wouldn't be giving the Rabbit the cold shoulder for working for him (assuming she wasn't talking about The Queen). When she disappeared, the Mad Hatter was the one who ordered the Rabbit to kill her.

The Queen[]

She does not like the Queen, and may have been part of the reason why she did not come back from the last mission she was sent on. Whether it was to avenge the Rabbit or something she wanted to do for a long time, Alice ambushes the Queen in his limo and ends his life with a shotgun.

Dr. Burr[]

The two have never been seen directly talking to each other. All that is know between them is that Alice was the one who brought cats back for Dr. Burr to experiment on, including the one that turned his daughter into the Cheshire Cat. Melissa H.